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University of Phoenix Articles by Nellie Deutsch




The following articles were written while the author was an MA student of education, curriculum, and technology at the University of Phoenix.



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Effective Classroom Management Strategies for Technology

Project, Problem, and Inquiry-based Learning


Action Research Project Proposal Presentation

ESL/EFL Students Lack the Skills to Cope with Reading Comprehension Tests


ESL learners feel anxious when doing reading comprehension tests


ESL students feel very anxious when doing reading comprehension tests:  An Article Critique

Brain-Based Learning Theory


Effective Classroom Implementation of Technology


Future Trends in Educational Technology

Critical Issues in Technology Planning: A Literature Review


Distance Learning Literature Review Article (simplified) and a lesson plan on Reading Comprehension Practice

Effective Classroom Implementation of Technology Review

Obstacles to Technology Implementation


Technology and the Classroom: Distance Learning Liteature Review




Learning Theories and Curriculum


Equity Issues in Educational Technology: A Literature Review

Technology Standards for Teachers

Emerging Technologies Skills

Ethics Position


Plagiarism, Detection and Prevention

Literature Search on E-Mail Laws

Curriculum Trends

Hidden Curriculum


Personal Educational Philosophy Statement


The Potential Abuse of Technology in Schools

Software Licensing Memo

School Website Evaluation Chart

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