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Collaborative Work

Collaborative Work is a skill that needs practice. It only works if you work. Find creative ways for your team do get the job done.  It is a learning experience for everyone on the team. 

Your task is to find out as much as you can about your topic. You and your group will be experts on it. You will be able to answer any questions when you reach the oral presentation of the project. Since you are graded as a group make sure that every member of your team knows as much about the topic as the other. Teach each other as you learn more and more about your topic. Remember: You are both a learner and a teacher throughout your work.

Working in a group has many advantages.  Follow the guidelines below to find out how to make the most of it.

 Roles for the members of the group

All team members are responsible for learning and for helping team mates learn. Here are possible roles:


shares the group’s progress with others


takes notes of the group's progress


keeps the group working together and encourages team members to go on

Contact Person

asks the teacher for help, gathers, stores and returns material if necessary



How to reach your goals

Browse through the topic page for a topic.  Choose a task from the various

tasks available. I suggest you go through the site map and choose a topic

according to your age or grade. The topics are divided into High School

(ages 15-18), Junior High or Middle School (ages 12-15), and Elementary

or Primary School (ages 6-11). You may browse through each of the above

categories to choose your topic.

Take your time. Making the right decisions will save you time.

Your success depends on meeting deadlines

Make sure you are happy with your choice. 

For further information, please write your teacher or a friend by using the

form below.



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