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General Instructions for the Project



Follow the instructions and guidelines for the projects.


The project is done in class. The class is divided into groups.


Each member of the group takes part equally at each stage .


Good team skills are essential for the success of the project.


The PROJECT consists of 3 stages:




        Altogether the three make up a grade of 100.  



The work file is a collection of everything the team has accumulated.  It should


have all the material  written down, whether in its draft format or in its ready to


hand in format. Everything the group does should be recorded and placed in the file.


Each piece of writing must include the name of the person who has


done it and the date. This file must contain a weekly progress report


chart with a date.  This consists of a detailed report of what each


of the team members has done that week. The report should also include


group decisions. The work file should have  summaries, interviews,


checklists and other sources. These must all  be properly




 The written file consists of 7 parts.



The cover page consists of the research topic, the topic question, and


the team members.


The table of contents must be numbered – a number for each page.


Page number one is the introduction page. It consists of an introduction to the article.


Here you introduce your topic and topic question in greater detail.


Following the introduction is the actual body. This is the written part.


Here you may write as many paragraphs as you need.  However, each


paragraph must be connected to the other and to both the topic and the topic question. 


Next page is the conclusion.  This page summarizes and may include your views.


The bibliography gives a list of the sources used. All the sources must


be listed alphabetically.


The final page of your written file is the appendix.  It should consist of pictures,  drawings,


photographs, graphs, questionnaires, or interviews.


Only summaries in your own words will be accepted. You are not allowed to plagiarize.


You must document all your sources properly in the bibliography and in the footnotes.


Your written work should be typed in double spacing. The size of the letters should be 12.


The written work is your finished product. The team should edit it for accuracy. You should


hand in your drafts before so that your teacher can point out your mistakes.


Don't forget to hand in your reflections.


Your oral presentation is the way you present your work.


Each team member must participate in the presentation.


The presentation is evaluated both by the other teams as well as by your teacher.


You may use any visual or other aids that you find suitable for your topic.


The presentation should be at least 10 minutes long.


Each team member should be an expert on the topic at this point.


Any one of the team members may be asked questions by the other teams or by the   




Time is a very important aspect of your projectYour team needs to be efficient.   Learn to


manage your time well.  You will have class time to work on the project .                    


Make the most of it .


It's team work so share and share alike.


Have Fun!



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