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Students need motivation to learn. Integrating technology into the classroom by means of WebQuests is a great way for students to get involved in real life experiential learning. Nellie Deutsch has developed WebQuests for students and teachers.


Nellie's English Projects organized the WebQuests into the following categories:


WebQuests ages 5-8 WebQuests for Adults                 WebQuests based on Literature
WebQuests ages 9-12 WebQuests for ESL/EFL  
WebQuests ages 13-15

WebQuests for Teachers

WebQuests ages 15-18 WebQuests by Nellie Deutsch  



High School WebQuest Tasks (ages 15-18)


Holes WebQuest

Find a need and fill it!

Goal reaching process

Put your school on the Web

Extreme Sports

Publish with Po-Etree

William Wilson

Of Mice and Men

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

A Wind in the Door

The Perfect Society: A WebQuest on The Giver

Run for your health

A Grammar WebQuest

Software Evaluation

Learning Styles

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Acid Rain

FBI and other Agencies

The Arab Israeli Conflict

Euthanasia: Compassion or Murder?

Euthanasia: Help me Die

Euthanasia: The Right to Die

Car Industry: Business

Fact or Fiction: Publishing reports

Computers and how they work

That's a Possibility: UFO's

The American Dream: Immigration to America

The Copabacana Restaurant

They had an impact

WW II: I want you for the US army!

Are you prepared if a disaster strikes?

American Liberty


The Sky's the Limit

Commonality in Diversity

Goal reaching process



US/Iraq Conflict

Science Project

Students united for humanity

Technology in the work force

20th Century Creative Periods

In Defense of Freedom

William Wilson (Edgar Allan Poe)

Are you aware that Children have Rights?

The Times They Are A-Changin

Sports and Nutrition: A Winning Team

Multicultural and Global Foods 

The Nine Planets Tour of the Solar System 

Your first pay check has finally arrived

Teen Music

Secondary Literature


Teen Nutriton

The Real World and Careers Closer Than You Think

The 1920's and Its Excesses

Too Hot To Handle

The Grapes of Wrath

Mad Cow

African-American Music History

Martian Invasion

Let's eat, to Live

Advertisers: Interpreters of our Dreams

Career Exploration

Girls and Women as Portrayed in the Media

Designs on Excellence

The 60's

Youth in Advertising



Death Penalty Quest

An Unsolved Mystery

 What are your kids watching

TV or No TV

The Holocaust

Turn Back the Clock

Fashion Accessory Mission

What is a Family

Help Keep Your Classmates Healthy Design A Game

The Holocaust Project

Remembering the Holocaust  

Children of the Holocaust

The Holocaust

Dream House

Middle East

Crisis in the Middle East

A Quest for Peace

What about Wood

MagLev Moving Into the Future

Radio Days

In town without my car

Exploring Mars

Westward Expansion

Simulating a Middle East Peace Summit

They had an Impact

World War II

What can one person do about hunger

 The Copabacana Restaurant


In the "EYE" of the Storm

Healthiest Cheeseburger: Integrating spreadsheets and word processing

Charts and Graphs using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

Charts and Graphs using Computer Applications

The Sixties A Magic Webquest Ride

To Fertilize or not to

Whale Watch

Making Ends Meet

Searching for China

Ancient Egypt

Music Career Choices

Teen Smoking and Drinking

Why do I have to go to school

What do you want to be when you grow up

Media Messages

Unsolved Mysteries

 The Death of King Tutankhamun

Take me out to the Ball Game

So you want to own a business

Fractal Chaos

WebQuest on a WebQuest1

WebQuest on a Webquest2

Math Through the Ages

The fabulous Five- Food

Plan your perfect holidays in Europe

A School Trip to London



Rating the Search Engines

Vector Challenge

Bringing Lyrics to Life

Belleville: le Musee des Beaux Arts

2030 Homesteading Mars

Tropical Rainforests

Kia Ora and Kisses From New Zealand

Cruisin' the 50's

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Gallery of Art-i-facts

Future in the Arts

Edgar Allan Poe: Father of Horror

Restoring the Nike

Radio Production

Political Cartoons

Piet Mondrian


Still Got The Blues

Sonny's Blues

Many Books--So Little Time

Search for Absurdity

Retelling the Classic Tales

Let's Squash Tobacco Use

Help Someone Overcome an Eating Disorder

Foods of the U.S

Fit Quest

Spring Concert Time

Bringing Lyrics to Life

Back in Time: Historical Fiction

Atlantis Quest

Ark Helpers Society

Anthem: A Utopian Society

Create a Travel Brochure

Courtship and Marriage Around the world

Negotiate a Middle East peace treaty

Censorship and Fahrenheit 451

Cavern World

Diary of Anne Frank

Devil's Arithmetic- Holocaust


Cyber Science Mag

Timeless Persecutions

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the 1920s

Extreme Sports

Evil in Literature

Energy Quest

Literature and Life

How to attain your goal

Strength and Nutrition


Community fulfillment

Fact or Fiction on the Web

Interview World War II Heroes

Heart of Darkness

Great Gatsby

Design a text book

Good and Evil in Lord of the Flies

Elie Wiesel The Night

Put Your School On the Web

Polar Ice Caps

Peace Quest

City in Space

Community Service

Therapy Animals, Yes or No

Mission to Mars

Intolerance and Fear

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Out of the Dust

Zoom in on Your Future

When I Grow Up

Odyssey Quest

True love or Not true love

Global Warming

High School Subcultures

Thieves want you

A Heroic Character

The Art of Persuasion

Roots of the Calculus

The Cost of Leaving the Nest

I need a Car

Predicting Earthquakes


Zoo Mathematics

Dress Code Policy

When Am I going to Use Math

Math through the Ages

Math Game


Computer History

Substance Abuse

Gun Control

Leonardo Da Vinci

Let's Go Shopping


Fast Food 

Eating Disorders

Designing a Career

The Internet

Power Point Presentation

Technology Etiquette

Study Skills

Mousetrap car

Music Composition

Edgar Allen Poe

Commonality in Diversity

Museums of Tragedy

Designing an Art Exhibit

Living Within Your Means

Technology in the Work Force

Developmental Tasks in Children

If a Disaster Strikes

Ritalin Awareness

World of Learning Standards

Students with ADD

After School Activities

Career Assessment

No See No Speak

US/Iraq Conflict

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Music and Unborn Babies

The Greening of an Organization

The Art of It All

Funny Satire

A Wrinkle in Time- Science Fiction

Ocean Fantasy


Directing a renewed script

True Skills' Award

Visual Art

The Holocaust

Composing a WebQuest


Reach for the American Dream

Art Curator Quest

Reason Quest

Subject Area Cyberguides

Should College Athletes Earn a Salary?

Company Vacation

The Internet good and bad

Down on the Cell Farm

Office Ergonomics

Jobs- Past and Future

Elements of Language

Ethics Quest

Spreadsheet Simulation

Music Copyright

Periodic Chemical Table

How much could you eat?

Build a Baby's Brain

Mystery and Meaning

Of Mice and Men Back in Time

Human Rights Violations

Birth of a Bill

So you say you want a Revolution

Could a 9-11 happen again?

The Civil War

The Economy and Local Community Needs

The Irish Potato Famine

What Caused the Whole Mess?

America First

The Berlin Wall

Glass Slippers Just Won't

UN on Human Security

Developing Nations

Election  2oo4

High School Student Rights

To Ban or not to Ban

A swiftly Tilting Planet

Business Career

Business Law

Global Environmental Issue

American Lit Book Club

Twenty Century

Amazing Panda Adventure

Students United for Humanity

Eastern Island

Health is a Battlefield

What's wrong with Holden

Fences by August Wilson

Minority Literature

Separate Peace

Things Fall Apart

Don't Be A Victim

National Security VS Personal

Living through the Yellow Wall

Poetry in Context

Reliving the Black Death


Quest for Chivalry

The Thirties

Discover London


The Wonderful World of Poetry

News of the West

A writer as a child

What makes a quality book?

Library Reference Tools


Fracophone Travel

How long can you last in France?

Oceans in Myth Legends

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Joy Luck Club

All Roads Lead to Rome

Zoom In On Your Future

Reading Buddies


Illustrating Endangered Species

Ricky, where are you?

Roller Coaster Madness

The Human Body

Element ADventure 

The Rising Cost of Colleges 

Sociology Bytes Politics

The Cold War: World History

Capital Punishment

For graphics students: Color Me

Cubist Portraits

Equality for All

Global Digital Divide

Going for the Gold 2010


Life as a Photojournalist

Investigating Prehistoric and Modern Art

Designing an Historic Home

Comparison Shopping Alone

Media Messages

To Fertilize or not?


Time to Type

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Travels Beyond Darwin

Life Beyond High School

Music Career Choices

Teen Smoking and Drinking

Why do I have to go to school?

Nicholas II on Trial :
Evaluating the Russian Revolution

Run for your Life

Take me out to the ball game

So you want to own a business

Franctal Chaos

The Journey Continues

FluQuest: Seeking a community reponse

The Artists of Space Technology

Rebuilding Shoreham

Mining in Wisconsin

What is the worth of a person?

Macbeth is an Evil Man

Fairy Tale Moments

You are a famous writer

Night by Elie Wiesel


Design a Rocket

The Human Genome


Atomic Structure

Black Smokers



Design A Space Station

Minds of Science

Spanish speaking countries

Network Design

Understanding Employment

Buying Your First Car

Dollars and Sense

Network Design

Return of the Great Game

Creating A WebQuest

What is a WebQuest?

Web Site Design

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Computer Science Grade 12 Project

You cannot live at home forever. Choices

Is Rap Hip-Hop Poetry?

How many Calories you Burn

Immigration Today

The year 2200

World War One

Travel Brochure

Information Technology

This Land is Our Land

Software Tools

Dropping the Bomb

The Roman Republic

Famous Americans Now

Mission Possible Water Monitoring

Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois

Radio Days


Aboriginal studies

Offshore Wind farms in the United States?

Evaluating Math Games

Baseball and Math

Nobel Mathematicians

WebQuest for ESL Students

The Titanic and Math

Genetic Engineering

Cracking Dams

Global Warming

Hello Dolly Cloning

Look Who's Footing The Bill

Rock the Vote

The Decision to Drop the Bomb

The Gilded Age


19th & 20th Century British Literature

A Separate Peace

Cyber Science Mag

Diary of Ann Frank

Yellow Stone Wolves

A Day In Paris

Web Design




Teen's Guide to Music

Are you what you eat?

Personal Trainer

Future Career

Zoom in on your Future

School Subjects

Writing to Penpals

Exploring the English Language

The business of the Gods


Harlem Renaisance

Romeo & Juliet


Their Eyes were watching God

The Salem Witch Trial

Community Shopping Centre Planning

Create your own community

Copyright &Tecnology Law

First Time Buyers

WWIII is about to Occur

Fractals: Math or Art?


Mission Possible

Periodic Table Adventure

University Here I come


Math History

Air Fares

The Great Pyramind

Mathmeticians and Physicists

The Perfect Society: Based on he Giver

Personal Budget


Pyramid Puzzle

Pythagorean Theorem

Stock Market

Take me out to the ball game

Trilingual Packaging Dilemma

What's in a line?

Where will you decide to live?

Who is Leibniz?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Art history of horses

World Shopping Spree

World Travel

Storm Centre

The English Multiverse

Ellis Island

Mission Possible

On the Road Again

American University Here I Come!

In Town Without My Car

Life in the Tenements

Protest Songs in the United States

Radio Days

Tsunami: Is Canada Prepared?

Surveying, Presenting and Evaluating Data

Take me out to the ball game

The Last Spin

Evaluating Web Pages

Put your school on the web

Read to Kids

Choices into Action

A WebQuest about evaluating WebQuests

Kia Ora and Kisses From New Zealand

Copyright and Music

Ironman: Chris Crutcher

Lightning Safety Brochure


Weblog, Edublogging, Schoolblogs??



Additional Grades 9-12 WebQuest Projects




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Survey Statistics for Reading Comprehension Tests for ESL/EFL Students and Anxiety  (June 14, 2004)


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