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Educators are also learners who wish to acquire information about education, teaching, school, learners, learning and other relevant topics related to their profession. I would appreciate your help in updating this page. Please write me if you would like me to add other resources.


Curee (Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education)


Submit your articles for publication and win prizes


International Reading Association: Writing for ReadWriteThink

Read Write Think is a partner site of the MarcoPolo program, produced in collaboration with the National Council of Teachers of English. We welcome submissions of lesson plans for peer review.


Educational Technology and Society


The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to Practice


Manuscript submission guidelines: Meridian: A Middle School Computer Technologies Journal a service of NC State University, Raleigh, NC


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence


Information for authors and readers:  The views expressed in IMEJ are to be attributed to their authors, not the journal, its editorial board, or Wake Forest University.


TechTrends Submission Guidelines


American Education's Online Newspaper of Record


IEEE publications provide quality, depth, and value to your electrical engineering and computing collection. IEEE online collections deliver


Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer Enhanced Learning


National Clearhouse for Educational Facilities


Technology Planning


Utah Special Educator


About Our Policy Work

Through its nonpartisan policy work, Learning Point Associates strives to get education research and policy-relevant data into the hands of those who need it. Learning Point Associates has proven itself as a valuable resource in education policy by synthesizing research and information in a manner that is understandable to policymakers; convening groups of educators, researchers, policymakers, and community members through advisory networks and meetings; and producing a number of publications and products addressing a variety of education policy topics.


 eSchool News covers education technology in all its aspects--from legislation and litigation, to case studies, to purchasing practices and new products. Together the newspaper and the web site serve an unduplicated audience of more than 340,000 executive educators.


TechLearning Magazine

From the Classroom

Longer Articles | Shorter Articles


Resources for Leadership Principles in Technology


Reflections on Teaching and Learning

ERIC is the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), a federally-funded national information system that provides, through its 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, associated adjunct clearinghouses, and support components, a variety of services and products on a broad range of education-related issues.


Education in Technology


The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) is a nonprofit operating foundation that documents and disseminates models of the most innovative practices in our nation's K-12 schools. We serve this mission through the creation of media -- from films, books, and newsletters, to CD-ROMs and DVDs. Our Web site contains all of our multimedia content published since 1997.


Appearing in the pages of American School Board Journal, ASBJ Special Reports provide timely, in-depth coverage of topics of particular interest, such as technology, urban education, and school infrastructure. Special Reports go to all ASBJ subscribers, plus selected other school leaders, and are posted online after publication.


Education Action Research: This journal publishes accounts of a range of action research and related studies, in education and across the professions, with the aim of making their outcomes widely available and exemplifying the variety of possible styles of reporting. It aims to establish and maintain a review of the literature of action research. It also provides a forum for dialogue on the methodological and epistemological issues, enabling different approaches to be subjected to critical reflection and analysis.          


Education-line                                                                                                                                             This site contains copies of research papers, literature reviews and other unpublished research on a wide variety of teaching and learning issues. Papers from the annual BERA conferences are also available from this site.                        


EdNA Online is a service that aims to support and promote the benefits of the Internet for learning, education and training in Australia. It is organised around Australian curriculum, its tools are free to Australian educators, and it is funded by the bodies responsible for education provision in Australia - all Australian governments.


Collaborative Action Research Network, University of East Anglia (CARN)
A national and international network drawing its members from a variety of educational, health, social care, commercial, and public services organisations. CARN is committed to supporting and improving the quality of professional practice, achieved through systematic, critical and creative inquiry into the goals, processes and contexts of professional work. CARN aims to encourage and support:- action research projects of varying scope (personal, local, national and international), accessible accounts of action research projects, and contributions to the theory and methodology of action research.


National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)
This is a large independent research organisation which conducts research into all aspects of education and develops assessment benchmarks etc. NFER provides information on current projects, and produces summaries of completed projects. Research papers given at the NFER Annual General Meetings, are available to read in full here.  


General Teaching Council for England (GTCe)
The GTCe is committed to the principle that teaching should be a more systematically evidence-informed profession and especially that teachers should be able to benefit more directly from others' research as well as initiate their own. Its web-based 'Research of the Month' feature focuses on a particular topic of research which the Council thinks will be of interest and relevance to practitioners.


The Standard Site

This site has been especially designed for busy education practitioners - by this we mean teachers, governors, parents and all those who support them in the education of school age students. Its aim is to help them make sure that practice and policy are informed by good and up-to-date evidence.


Research Papers in Education

Taylor & Francis Online journals information


eJournals : Emory University Libraries


T.H.E. Journal is an online journal of articles from educators involved in integrating technology on their campuses and into their curricula. The Articles describe effective administrative or instructional projects with a local, regional, statewide, national or international scope. Features  address the issue's cover theme.


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