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Student Resources




The following resource and the links on the student page will guide and save you time


 How to


 work in groups

get organized so the group work is efficient (a form to fill in)  


How to



find a word in the dictionary

find information on various topics of interest

translate from English into your language and vice versa

translate and hear the English at the same time

 How to find


relevant information

 How to use


graphic organizers

index cards for the relevant information

 How to


write a research paper online

write a good research paper

write an essay 

 How to



 How to


write a bibliography

 How to


make a graph

 How to


present your work

present your work using PowerPoint Presentation 

use index cards to give a speech

 How to


use the internet:  an introduction

use Search Engines

use Database well

make good use of the internet

use Microsoft Front Page to build websites



good study habits

your time

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