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  A WebQuest for 8th Grade

Flags and Their Origins



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Every country in the world has a flag. The flag of the United States of America represents the thirteen original colonies by alternating red and white stripes and a single white star for each of the fifty states. What do the flags of other countries represent? From where is the original design? 

Your team has been appointed by the ambassador of this beautiful tropical island country to design their flag. The population is diverse in that all inhabitants are from every country around the world. There are men, women, and children of all races and religions. This island is governed democratically and thrives on fishing, farming, and tourism as its source of income. The inhabitants travel to the far reaches of this new island country by boats and other small watercraft. For land transportation, most citizens utilize bicycles and horse or mule drawn wagons. No automobiles, airplanes, trucks, or buses of any kind are allowed here. Careers include fishing, tourism and hotels, farming, education, and computer technology. The computer specialists maintain all satellite connections to television and computer connections. Schooling from kindergarten to 12th grade in this new country is conducted via distance learning through the Internet.

The job, of this fine team hand picked by the ambassador, is to find out what the flags of other countries represent and the origin of their design.  Then it will be up to this fine team to name and design a flag for this tropical island country.

How does a country determine what symbols will represent them on their flag?


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Work in your team of four using your journaling and evaluation sheets.

Team Roles and Tasks:

Journalist is responsible for logging all information on the journal provided:


Technology Specialist is in charge of the PowerPoint presentation.

Historian will investigate selected countries and provide background information on their flags.

Geographer will research other tropical islands to discover similarities to your new island country and submit two names for your country that will be decided by vote.

The Team will create:

1.  a flag based on research of national flags.

2.  produce a 10 slide power point presentation naming the country and explaining the design of the new flag designed by the ambassadorís team.

3.  give an oral presentation to the assembly (class).


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1.  Pick two countries from any part of the world.
2.  Research each flag and their origin including all symbols.                                        
3.  Take notes and record all significant information regarding the flags.
4.  Complete a travel journal page for each country and flag.
5.  As a team, discuss what will best represent your country and why.
6.  Create a flag for the new island country. Support your decisions in the oral and PowerPoint presentations.
7.  Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation.
8.  Practice the required oral presentation.
9.  Be sure to review the evaluation page for your grade.







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Images of flags:



Continents and countries: 







PowerPoint assistance: 




Journal guides:





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Your grade will based on the following criteria:

1.  Creativity & Originality: Did students put maximum amount of effort and creativity into the project?

2.  Rubric Organization: Did all group members make a contribution? Were all the roles fulfilled?

3.  Formatting: Does the project follow the rules of grammar and structure?

4.  Standards: Did students generate ideas, create solutions to issues and use resources to their advantage?

5.  PowerPoint Presentation: Aesthetics, Wording, and Content.

6.  Oral Presentation: Comfort level, volume, tone and sharing of responsibility

Please click here to review the criteria for your evaluation.


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Many factors have an impact on how a country selects a national symbol. From this quest, you have experienced the time, research, and ideas required to produce a nation's flag. What have you learned from the process?


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