The Perfect Society!

 A WebQuest on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry


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The Committee's Presentation

(Printed Version)


      The team will present their findings to the class by audio and visual means.

      The team will be graded for structure and content:





Evaluation of the Presentation

 (25 points)


Aspect of work


Weak (0-1 point)


Fair (2-3 points)


Perfect (4-5 points)



Team work and collaboration




Not all the members of the team participate. No team collaboration


Most of the team members present their aspect of the report. No real team collaboration


Every member of the team presents their individual report.

Clear collaboration among team members.



Creative, original and appealing


Presentation is not  appealing, original or creative


Presentation is appealing and original



Presentation is creative, original and appealing.


Audio visual elements


No audio or visual elements used


Only Audio or visual elements used


Both audio and visual elements used



Organization: Introduction and conclusion with each member explaining what they did.


Not organized: There is no clear division of introduction and conclusion.


Organized to some extent: There is only one element; either an introduction or a conclusion.



Organized: Introduction and conclusion with each member explaining what they did.


Content of presentation


Weak content with little demonstration of critical thinking and problem-solving skills


Some content demonstrates critical thinking or problem-solving skills


Content demonstrates excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills

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