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 A WebQuest on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry

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1. When did you first meet Jonas?


2. What subjects did you talk about?


3. Did Jonas ask many questions? If so please tell me what they were.


4. How often did you talk to Jonas?


5. Did Jonas mention any dissatisfaction with the way things were? If so what did he say?


6. Was Jonas a happy boy? What made you say that? Did he show any signs of joy or unhappiness?


7. Did Jonas question things (not accept things as they are?

If so what did he question (not accept)?


8. What did you think of Jonas as a boy?


9. What good qualities did he have?   Did he have any negative qualities? What were they?


10. Why do you think he did what he did?


11. What other information can you provide me that would help the investigation?


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