The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck - A Quiz

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A Quiz on "The Enemy" by Pearl S. Buck with a rubric for assessment

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Answer 5 of the following questions in detail. Provide examples from the story and pay attention to grammar and sentence structure. (5x20)

1. From the context of the story why did the servants leave? Do you justify their actions? Explain.

2. What is more important loyalty to your country or saving a person's life no matter who they are? Explain your answer by giving examples from The Enemy.

3. What is one of the themes of “The Enemy”? How does it relate to you?



4. How were the servants viewed? What roles did they serve? Give examples from the text to support your answer. How do you feel about this issue?



5. What would you do if you were in Sadao and Hana's situation? Expain.


6. How does Pearl S. Buck get you involved in the story? How do you feel about this?



7. Why does the author bring the General into the story? Could the story be the same without it? Explain.



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