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Noa has been involved in swimming for over 20 years, Cross-country running for 15 years and triathlon and cycling for 13 years. She participated as a junior and U23 in several triathlon European championships/events, World Mountain running championships, and ITU events. After completing secondary school, she moved to New Zealand in search of better training/racing opportunities and the best coaching education available. She completed a Sport Coaching and Science degree, specializing in exercise physiology. Her thesis examined the effects certain aspects of  bike fit have on physiological and metabolic data on triathletes. She has been coaching all ability levels and age groups for over 8 years and always seeks opportunities to grow and develop as a coach. Currently resides in Victoria, BC.


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Wide range of training options, including online training plans, for all ability levels and age groups. Bike fit, power and lactate testing, nutrition assessment and plan, mental training and biomechanical assessment available.



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Power and lactate testing, Bike fit, Swimming/cycling/running biomechanics, Race assessment, Mental training, Holistic approach in designing personal training programs and information on how to stay healthy with Usana Health Sciences