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Oral Presentation



The group presents its project work for others to see and hear.  The project can be presented in various ways. You may use a power point display, a play, a lecture, a debate, a video play, a movie, an overhead projector or an exhibition of your work in an art form.  Use your imagination.  Be as creative as you wish.


Your presentation should be planned and organized. Your group should spend time rehearsing for it like a you would a performance. Practice your presentations until you feel that all the members of your group know their parts perfectly.  Everyone must participate in the final presentation. For further information, use the form at the bottom of this page to contact your teacher.



 Oral Presentation Rubric Evaluation



PowerPoint Presentations: Download templates from Microsoft for your presentations

Free PowerPoint Templates


Preparing an Oral Presentation


Presentation Checklist


Giving Oral Presentations


Presentation Skills


Tips for  Presentation


How to Present


Giving an oral presentation


Working in groups and oral presentations

Stellar Classroom Presentations:



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