Action Research Projects for Teachers

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Action Research Projects for Teachers

Have you thought of ways of improving your teaching? Teaching is an ongoing learning process. Teachers are generally keen on improving their work, after all they are in the business of "change". How do I go about making changes in the way my classroom is run or in the way my students behave or in the way my school is run? There are so many questions that go through most teachers' minds. How many questions do I ask before I start getting some answers? I built this web site as an answer to some of mine.

I completed my action research project report and presentation proposal on ESL/EFL reading comprehension tests and anxiety but since it is a work in progress I will be refining and adding to it.   This was my preparation for the ARP on ESL/EFL learners and reading comprehension tests.

Action research is a great solution teachers' questions  I highly recommend learning about it. What is action research? Marcia Rettig-Seitam explains that  "action research is a way for teachers to find solutions to classroom problems. By collecting data and analyzing the results, teachers can change their practices in the classroom as needed. The principle of action research is to plan a change, implement the change, collect any necessary information, and analyze what happened. Action research can make use of data already being collected or needed for classroom practice."


Action research goes through the following steps: (I T D E M A) Identifying a problem. Thinking of ways to tackle it.  Doing it. Evaluating it. Modifying future teaching. Action Research Projects.  

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