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Student Reflections on a Project




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First and last name   

Your e-mail:       Your teacher's e-mail: 

Name of your WebQuest or Project

Team name and/or members names     

What was the goal of your team project?

What was the main point you were trying to communicate to your intended audience?

What concepts that you studied in class did you include or share with others?

What did you do as you planned your project?

How did you select the topic?

Did you use flow charts?


Did you use outlines?

Where did you find your resources?

What changes did you make while you were planning it?

Did you make changes in content, organization, media, or language?

In what ways did your classmates and teacher give you suggestions on how to improve your project?

How long did you work on the project?

How much time did you spend planning, gathering and selecting information and editing?

Do you wish that you had been given more time to work on the project?

What else would you have done?

How did you select your information and decide what to include in the final draft?

What resources did you use?

Did you leave some information out? Why?

How did you decide which media to use?

What media did you use? Explain how your team presented their work.

How did your teacher help?

Did you use graphs, photos, movies, power point, over head projector or other visual aids?

How did the media liven up the project in comparison to a text-like report?

Who was your audience?

How did you choose information and media to capture your audience's attention?

How would you change your project for a different audience?

How did the whole team contribute to the project?

What part of the project did you enjoy the most - the writing or the presentation?

What did you learn during the project? 

Write your team experiences as you gathered information and presented the project.



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