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Learning from WWW




Learning has taken a new dimension as a result of the Internet. A great deal of information is available at the click of the mouse. Learning is fast and efficient for those who use the Internet correctly.



Before you do anything else, find out what those Internet words mean!  The following glossary will help you understand not only what the words mean but where to find them. Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops


Learn the Net is a website dedicated to helping you save time and money when roaming through cyberspace.


  Learn what Internet Literacy is, why it is important, and how to teach it to your students.


The Internet has become both a teaching and learning tool.  The WebQuest is one technique which utilizes the web. On this page will find many useful resources on how to use and write your own WebQuests.  Using WebQuests is one way of integrating technology in the classroom.  In addition, there are other basic resources on the page to acquaint you with some of the terms necessary for the internet.

Linguistics Funland

Practicing safe computing. Find out about viruses and how to get rid of them at Linguistic Funland by Kristina L. Pfaff-Harris.


Here, you'll find many programs, along with detailed instructions on how to set them up for your own website.  Kristina L. Pfaff-Harris  has shown that she truly cares by sharing this wonderful information with others.


Self guided very basic internet tutorials for teachers who know absolutely nothing about the net.


First Monday Issues


Education World


 A WebQuest about WebQuests




The Web Institute for Teachers
University of Chicago


Introduction to WebQuests




Ozline By Tom March


How to write WebQuests by Bernie Dodge

Professional WebQuest Website

A WebQuest About WebQuests

by Ed Tech Department, San Diego State University by Bernie Dodge


ESL Activities for one computer classroom

Enhance your lessons with the Internet.


An excellent Online Journal with Articles for parents, students and teachers on Web Based Resources.


You can find some great ideas on how to integrate the computer in classroom teaching.l

Computer-Assisted Language Learning



Submit an Article on ESL and on WebQuests


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