Instructional Plan


Lesson Title: The Perfect Society


Curricular Area: Literature


Grade Level: 9-12




Students will investigate and uncover the flaws in the community as presented in The Giver. They will keep track of all the information they disclose from observations and interviews in a journal:

The final team written report will follow the following guidelines:

The members will present a written and oral presentation of their findings and suggestions on a big screen for the whole community to view in the main auditorium. Students will produce the oral presentations by PowerPoint, video or play:


Learning Objectives:


1.      Students will analyze and identify at least five flaws in the community as presented in The Giver and write the information in a journal according to the evaluation rubric with 90% accuracy.

2.      Students will select one character from the book, predict what the character would say about Jonas' reasons for leaving the community, and document the information in a journal according to the evaluation rubric with 90% accuracy.

3.      Students will convert the students' input from the journal into a graphic organizer according to the evaluation rubric before writing the final draft with 90% accuracy.

4.    Students will write team progress reports consisting of 150-200 and submit them to the instructor electronically utilizing proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure with 100% accuracy.

5.   Students will prepare individual reports based on the information generated from the interviews and observations and follow the evaluation rubric with 90% accuracy.

6.   Students will produce a written report that is a culmination of all the individual interviews by the end of a two-week period according to the evaluation rubric with 90% accuracy.

7.   Students will write the final team reports using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) format, incorporating good sentence structure, spelling, grammar, organized paragraphs, writing citations, table of contents, bibliography, and appendix (Deutsch, 2005) according to the evaluation rubric with 90% accuracy.

8.   Students will analyze one of the audio listening presentations given by two students and answer the interview questions according to the evaluation rubric with 90% accuracy.

9.      Students will present the written work using MS PowerPoint or Hyperstudio. The presentation will include 12 slides, photos, animations, transitions, proper spelling, and content based on The Giver and interviews. Students will present their work according to a set evaluation rubric on the WebQuest with 90% accuracy. The criteria requires that each member of the team participate in the final team project presentation; speaking clearly, slowly, and demonstrating an understanding of The Giver and the project presented.

10.  Students will evaluate and provide individual feedback on the WebQuest and the process of working as a team according to the forms provided with 90% accuracy.


Length of Lesson: approximately 2 weeks


Materials: Computers, MS Office applications, Projector and Internet access


Interdisciplinary Connections: Language Arts


Teacher Resources: The Giver by Lois Lowry


Prerequisite Learning:


1. MS PowerPoint, MS Word and use of projector


2. Reading and full understanding of The Giver by Lois Lowry


3. Plagiarism, copyright issues and citing resources


4. How to summarize resource material and ideas from the Internet




1. Deliver instruction by PowerPoint presentation:


2. Print out student part of the WebQuest and journal for reference when working offline.


3. Hold class or group discussions throughout the process to discuss information and issues that may arise:

4. Ask for team progress throughout the process. The team will document the work in the team journal:

5. Discuss plagiarism, copyright issues, and giving credit by citing resources