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Dr. Nellie Deutsch (EDD/CI)


To Whom it may concern,

Last year I had the privilege of working on a WebQuest with my 11th grade students, after reading and studying the short story "The Last Spin" by Evan Hunter.

The biggest advantage of working on this particular WebQuest was the independence it allowed the students. They no longer had to stick to the text. They could derive ideas from it, or rely on examples taken for the story, but the WebQuest took them in all different directions, outside of the plot itself, yet not disconnecting them completely from it.

Another advantage was having four members in each group who had to work independently at first, before joining forces and drawing some conclusions together. That way, the project caters to both students who prefer working alone and to those who enjoy group work more. Both types of students had to experience the two methods in order to complete their tasks.

I liked the idea that the written project was presented by the groups to the whole class in a creative way which the group members could choose for themselves. This additional task gave the creative students a chance to express themselves in unique ways they don't usually get a chance to experience.

Overall, working on this project, covered all types of learning and working methods.

I feel lucky to have Nellie on our school staff, and I know she does her best because she always keeps an open mind when students comment on things she does in class and learning processes and methods she uses. Our whole staff benefits from this fact, and I hope to enjoy more of her WebQuests in the future.


Daniela I. Horowitz

English Teacher

Rabin High School

64 Hadekel St.

Tel Mond, 40600