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Learning from Experience




Congratulations on finishing your first project. You are now experienced in doing the projects. You can learn from your experience so that you can improve. Participating in projects is a learning experience and making mistakes is part of the learning process. Answer the following questions as you plan your next collaborative writing project. Please share your findings with your new or old teams.




Did I/we do what I/we said we would do?

What activities did you have?

How were they connected to the project goals?

What were the major achievements of the project?

What resources did they require?

Did the objectives change during the course of the project?

How and why did they change?

What did I/we learn about what worked and what didn't work?

What were the reasons for success?

What strategies worked well  in the project? Why?

What strategies didn't work well ? Why?

How realistic and relevant were the project goals and objectives?

In what ways did the project planning process work most effectively?

What did we learn about working together as a group?

What difference did it make that I/we did this work?

Were there any unexpected changes resulting from the project work? Describe them.

What could I/we do differently?

What more effective methods for achieving the objectives emerged from the work?


What more effective methods for achieving the objectives emerged from the work?

What additional knowledge development is required to do the work more effectively?

Who else could have been involved in the work?

Were all the project's needs met?

Is there a better way of developing realistic project goals and objectives in the initial planning stage?

How do I/we plan to use reflections for continuous learning?

How do I/we plan the next Project?

Define the project work.

What indicates success for you?

What information is needed?

Where is the information ?

How will the information be collected?

What changed as a result of the project?

  • knowledge
  • attitudes
  • skills
  • behavior

What changed as a result of the project? Relate to the following:
  • other/your class groups

  • family

  • friends

  • teachers

Reflect upon your project experiences and share them with others.




Good luck and enjoy your work!




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