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Digital Divide and Digital Equity




What is digital equity? Digital equity is achieved when all students have quick, easy, and appropriately functional access to equipment and the Internet both in and out of school, as well as the expert guidance required to ensure effective use across a range of functions. 


What is the "digital divide", and why should educators care? According to the Benton Foundation: There has always been a gap between those people and communities who can make effective use of information technology and those who cannot. Now, more than ever, unequal adoption of technology excludes many from reaping the fruits of the economy. We use the term "digital divide" to refer to this gap between those who can effectively use new information and communication tools, such as the Internet, and those who cannot. While a consensus does not exist on the extent of the divide (and whether the divide is growing or narrowing), researchers are nearly unanimous in acknowledging that some sort of divide exists.

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