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                                    Writing WebQuests


Before writing your own WebQuests you may want to review others. The following web site has 5000 reviewed WebQuests for teachers.

WebQuest Portal:
Conversations about using and extending the WebQuest model. 

Writing a WebQuest is not as difficult as you think.  This message board will give you a chance to share your experiences on WebQuests with others.


Reading and training material for WebQuests


WebQuest Direct

Creating a WebQuest is easier than you think. This site offers  guidelines to help you create a WebQuest you will be proud of.


Writing WebQuests and lesson plans for projects can be very easy. Just follow this Think Tank to organize you work.

WebQuest Template: Writing a WebQuest


Try this exciting flash WebQuest tutorial

Webquest 101 Putting Discovery into the Curriculum: A tutorial on webQuests


Writing WebQuests for the inexperienced technology teacher is not as far fetched as you think. This is a simple step by step guidelines that every teacher should try.


Writing a WebQuest for your classroom


Generate a WebQuest: A WebQuest template for teachers. Try these step by step guidelines on how to develop your own WebQuest.


How WebQuests fit in with Inquiry Based Learning and Consructivism. A lovely site on how to write WebQuests with explanations and rationale behind the idea. Workshops online on how to create WebQuests.

Disney learning Partnershp: thirteened online


Internet 4 classes

Helping teachers use the Internet effectively


WebQuests for learning

Why WebQuests? An introduction
Tom March


How to write WebQuests by Bernie Dodge

Using WebQuests is a geat way to integrate technology into your lessons.

A WebQuest About WebQuests  by Ed Tech Department, San Diego State University


For teachers who  want to know how it feels.   A WebQuest about WebQuests                                                                                  


WebQuest is a wonderful way to feel that you are providing your students the best possible learning process

A wonderul site on WebQuest information and tutorials by Cynthia Matzat

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