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Writing Research Papers



The most gratifying experience of my academic career has been writing research papers. I enjoyed writing them in school (from grade 4) and at university. I gained more learning from researching and writing papers than from any other kind of learning experience. I recommend giving research writing your very best. Online material is available to help you get started. You can build a thesis and make an online outline.



Taming the research beast: Research Methods in TESL and Language Acquisition



Using Research in the Classroom


Try this non-profit writing fix for teaches and writers


Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Research Guide: CRLS Research Guide Introduction


Research and writing: The Internet Public Library

Why the Step by Step Approach?


Writing a Research Paper: Written by Sarah Hamid


The Writing Centre: This page lists some of the stages involved in writing a library-based research paper.


Writing Research Papers

The purpose of this web page is to help you begin the process of writing a research paper. It includes:

  • figuring out what your instructor wants you to write about
  • generating ideas for a research topic
  • keeping track of your sources
  • citing relevant information, and
  • advice about the process of writing and revising


The new guide to writing research papers by Stasia J. Callan, Ann P. Penwarden and Carolyn Wendell of Monroe Community College.

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