Lesson Plan on

The Perfect Society !

( A WebQuest based on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry )

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Analyze Learners | State Objectives | Select Methods, Media, and Materials | Require Learner Participation | Evaluate and Revise


Utilize Media and Materials

Preview the Materials

              The teacher previews all the Websites under the resource section of the student WebQuest. Also, the student produced PowerPoint presentations, videos, play scripts, and audio materials, before allowing them to present before the class.

Prepare the Materials

The teacher prepares student WebQuest page, handouts, and rubrics using MSWord software. The teacher makes sure that the necessary equipment is working and accessible for the students to use. The equipment available will be available in the classroom: video camera, digital camera, DVD player, CD burner, tape recorder, computers, TV monitor, projector, large screen, and blank video cassettes, audio tapes and CD’s.

Prepare the Environment

The classroom will always be set up for small group work. There is a mini lab in the classroom with six computers. One computer will be assigned to each team for their use. The teams depending on their final project media selection, will take turns to plan, create or rehearse their presentation in the classroom. During this time the rest of the teams will have access to the computer lab to work on their individual reports.

Prepare the Learners

To prepare the students, the teacher presents the overall plan and objectives for the lesson. Each student receives a handout of the student WebQuest page, the Committee’s Journal, the Individual Reports rubric, the Final Written Report rubric, and the Presentation rubric. The teacher conducts a whole class discussion each one of the evaluations guidelines using the large screen projector with the teacher’s laptop computer.

The teacher quickly reminds the students about plagiarism, copyright issues, and citing resources making reference to available Web links. Then, continues with a quick review on how to use the video camera, digital camera, CD burner and tape recorder.

Provide the learning Experience

During the introductory phase of this unit, the teacher presents materials using a laptop computer and the large screen projector. The only place for the projector is at the center of the room over a tall cart attached to the teacher’s laptop computer. The large screen is right in front and center of the class. A TV monitor connected to a desktop computer is located to the front-left side of the classroom. There is also a VCR and a DVD player connected to the TV monitor. The other five computers are set around the left and back sides of the room. All desktop computers have CD burners, headphones with microphone, and RealPlayer software.

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