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Topics of Interest



Learn English Online

LEO and NELS are online English language school. The lessons are conducted in an online learning environment similar to a traditional classroom. Each online classroom has a white board, a Window browser, a microphone area, and a chat text box. The students learn as they would in a regular classroom. The room is moderated by a qualified and accredited English teacher with training in online instruction.


Grammar Software to improve your written English.


Pronunciation - Improve your pronunciation in English and in other languages as well. Take a look at Welcome to Pronunciation Power.


Randall's Basic Self-Study Guide


A great online newspaper with student material. If you want to become an online news reporter this is the site for you.

Just for Kids


Cursive Writing!  Here is an excellent site to learn and practice cursive writing.


Essay Writing Center


What kind of learner are you? Find out about different kinds of learning styles.


Hyper Study Abroad

Learn how to use the internet for information:   An Introduction


Assessing your learning style.


How to read more effectively.


U. of IOWA and writing


Overcoming procrastination.


Study skills self help


TRIO Quest Activities

TRIO ThinkQuest is a Web site design competition for middle and high school TRIO students that promotes the Internet Style of Learning - an interactive, participatory approach that encourages students to take advantage of the Internet as a source of information and a powerful collaborative tool. Students are encouraged to work in teams of two or three to build Web sites that could be used as learning tools by other students. For complete rules, see the TRIO ThinkQuest Web Site.


Berkeley Kidsclick


Study Guides & Strategies  

Highly recommended!  It has lots of useful information for learners.


Study Skills Self-help Information


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