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Test Anxiety



Test anxiety is positive and good for you. It is very important to realize that it's natural to be anxious before a test. It is actually a good thing unless it's too much. The trick is to get it just right so that it works to your advantage.


Fear and anxiety are important aspects of our selves. They protect us when we are in danger. We cannot get rid of them because it would leave us unprotected and vulnerable. We need to understand how they work and appreciate their existence.


Here are 4 steps that will turn test anxiety into a wonderful asset.


1. Recognize it's existence.

2. Don't try to get rid of it. Look it straight in the face.

3. Start communicating with it by asking it questions as you would a friend who needed your 

    attention and advice.

3. Congratulate yourself on being open with the anxious part of you.


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Websites on Test Anxiety:

  • Try OMEC for further information on how to make test anxiety work for you.


Articles on Test Anxiety:



If you have used or have heard of a technique that works, please share it with others. Write me and I will add it to this page.

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