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Technology Planning in Schools



The following sites helped me with my MAEDCT courses at UOP (University of Phoenix).


School and Curriculum Planning


Technology Planning Guide

Educational Technology Evaluation 

Electronic School, an award-winning technology magazine for K-12 school leaders, was published from 1987 to 2002 as a print and online supplement to American School Board Journal, in cooperation with ITTE: Education Technology Programs, a program of the National School Boards Association.

Electronic school


Guiding principals - addressing accountability issues is NCREL's featured Critical Issue equips schools administrators with seven guiding principles to help them better understand and navigate the current high stakes accountability environment.


This Toolkit offers practical help to teachers, administrators, and school and district planners as they implement instructional technology plans that promote more powerful student learning.



Writing Comprehensive School Improvement Plans


This toolkit is a collection of tips and pointers, articles, case studies and other resources for education leaders addressing issues around technology and education.


Technology Planning and Policies  (AASA ) collected sample Internet Acceptable Use Policies, Technology Plans, and other practical technology resources to help school leaders address the issues involved in bringing technology to school districts.


No child left behind

Subject Index on Technology


Our Overnight Planning System


Welcome to TAGLIT!


Technology Assessment and Impact


Technology Planning


Technology Planning

NCREL:  is dedicated to providing high-quality, research-based resources to educators and policymakers in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.



Strategic Planning
(in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)


Planning for Change and Technology


Secretary Paige Sets the Direction of the U.S. Department of Education with His Five-Year Strategic Plan

The page is available for printing purposes


Technology Planning


 School-Based Technology Planning


Technology is probably one of the most difficult areas to plan for because of its constantly changing nature. However, careful, well thought-out planning based around the needs of your school community, with plans for future development can usually net a fairly sound plan. This site has some suggested steps to follow in developing a school technology plan.


Technology Planning Resources

Technology Planning Tools


This subsection directs you to several good online tools to help facilitate your technology planning. These free tools are best used by a group of people from your organization--your technology planning committee. All of these tools stress the importance of strategic planning in efficiently implementing technology and the necessity of knowing why you want the technology in your program.


universal service


Instrument Library


Bellingham Public Schools



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