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Student Questionnaire on Reading Comprehension Tests for ESL/EFL and Anxiety




Students of English as a second and foreign language,

You are invited to participate in this survey. The survey is specifically for English as a second/foreign language learners, their teachers and parents. The survey is part of an Action Research Project on improving ESL/EFL students' achievements on reading comprehension tests. Approximately 1500 people will be asked to complete the survey. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions, you can withdraw from the survey at any point. Your opinions are very important to the project. Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. Your information will be coded and will remain confidential. If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, you may send a message to


Thank you for sharing your ideas.


A translation of the questions !



First Name    Last Name  


Your email    Your teacher's email


Reflective questions on tests. Choose one answer:




1.   I like to be tested on reading comprehension.
2.   I feel comfortable taking reading tests in English.
3.   I think about failing when I take a reading test.
4.   I prepare for reading tests.
5.   I share the results of my tests with my parents.
6.   My parents know when I have a test in English.
7.   English is a very important subject in school.
8.   It's important to get high marks in English.
9.   I get stomach aches before English exams.
10. I sometimes stay home when I have exams.
11. I wish I could learn without having exams.
12. Having exams is fun.


General Questions about how how you feel during tests: Choose one answer. Yes No Undecided
13. Do you watch the other students in class as they work during a test?
14. Do you find yourself thinking "I can't do this"?
15. Do you suddenly "know" the answers after turning in the test?
16. Do you score much lower on tests than on homework or papers?
17. Do you become distracted during tests?
18. Do you sometimes "go blank" and forget what you know during tests?
19. Do you have distracting thoughts of failure during exams?
20. Do you plan your time during tests?
21. Do you have negative thoughts about your abilities during tests?
22. Do you do relaxation exercises during tests?
23. Do you check your work before handing it in?
24. Do you tell yourself how smart you are?
25. Do you check your test when you finish?
26. Do you wish there were no reading tests in English?


Please study this list carefully and then rate each item in terms of how important it is to you on the scale indicated. 


Extremely Important




Extremely Unimportant

27.   Getting high marks






28.    Getting a passing grade






29. Being at the top of my class






30. Studying for reading tests






31. Pleasing my parents






32. Gaining knowledge






33. Pleasing my teachers






34.  English is important to my future






35.    Marks are important to my future







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