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Research Surveys



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Research methods resources on the www Questionnaires

Measurement, validity and reliability


Learning object activities listed are designed for either group or individual exploration into concepts from middle school mathematics. The activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser.


Basic Statistics


Presenting Data: Tabular and graphic display of social indicators


About Statistics: Power from Data!

Statistics: Power from Data! is a product from Statistics Canada that will assist readers in getting the most from statistics. Each chapter is intended to be complete in itself allowing users to go directly to the topic they wish to learn more about without reading all of the previous sections.

It is published primarily for secondary students of Mathematics and Information Studies, although it is expected that the product will find a wider use among other students, teachers and the general population.



Introductory Statistics:  Concepts, Models, and  Applications
First Published 7/15/96 Revised 8/5/97 Revised 2/19/98

Southwest Missouri State University @Copyright 1996 by David W. Stockburger



Descriptive and Inferential Statistics


Correlation, Prediction and Statistics


Precision of Measurement

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