Lesson Plan on

The Perfect Society !

( A WebQuest based on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry )


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Require Learner Participation

Large-Group Activities 

At the beginning of the lesson, as a review, and introduction, each student will have a white board and expo marker to answer questions from the novel, The Giver. The instructor will ask questions regarding the text, to check for comprehension, to review, and warm-up for the interviews. Each student will answer the questions on their individual white board and hold it up for the teacher to check. The instructor will be able to see which student has answered correctly and who needs more review or to reread the story. After the review, the instructor will pass out a copy of the questions asked with the answers missing. The page numbers will be provided for the students to look them up if they do not already know them. This will enable all of the students to have the answers and the questions that will be needed for a well written report.

In addition, the instructor will have a sample of the journal entry on display using a SmartBoard or PowerPoint screen to television. This will allow the entire class to view a sample entry inputted into the computer. The instructor will model complete sentences, proper spelling, and grammar for each entry. After the journal entry, the instructor will display the daily reflections template and a sample reflection consisting of 250-300 words.

Small Group Activities

Following the large-group instruction, the students will be placed in the groups for four to participate in small group interviews, collaboration, and writing. The assignment requires that the studentís interview one another answering the questions provided on the handout. Each student will have to interview, collect data, input data into the computer, and submit a daily refection. The group will need to work together to plan, discuss, and agree upon their paper and visual presentation. The presentation must follow the provided rubric for content, pictures, sounds, transitions, incorporating the data from the surveys and interviews.


Each group of four students will conduct interviews with each other using the questions provided by instructor. After completing the interviews, they will input the data into the journals located at: http://www.nelliemuller.com/Theperfectsociety.committeejournal.asp

A guide to the questions and rubric is at: http://www.nelliemuller.com/Theperfectsociety.individualreports.htm

Personal Interview

The small groups will conduct individual interviews regarding Jonasí leaving the community. They will record the interview on the form provided at: http://www.nelliemuller.com/Theperfectsociety.committeejournal.asp

Students will utilize the computer lab and classroom computers rotating in 20 minute intervals. Those not working at the computer stations will be doing their interviews and record the answers in their notebooks. Additionally, students will be submitting their daily reflections at: http://www.nelliemuller.com/student_reflections_march31.asp


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Updated April 12, 2005