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Reading Short Stories and Poems




Short stories and other literary pieces by famous classical authors


Giggle Poetry: Hundreds of poems to read and rate


Free online story books, articles and poems by Gosh


This site features a collection of audio recordings exclusive to The Cortland Review. The bulk of the audio appears in TCR Issues, where poets and writers read their own work.


The poets.org Listening Booth includes audio clips of poems featured in our Poetry Exhibits and samples from the Academy's Poetry Audio Archive.

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Stories for elementary school children


Reading is fun.. Download free books and classical stories. 


Read and solve mysteries
A solve-it-yourself mini-mystery
Be detective in this 5-minute mystery!


Download classical stories

Edgar Allen Poe

A list of poems and short stories by Edgar Allan Poe.


Downloading classical stories


Download O'Henry's Short Stories: Click your mouse on the image to go into the site. You will find a list of stories on the left side of the page.


Representative Poetry Online


The Devil and Daniel Webster:  An American short story by Stephen Vincent Benet

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