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Here are some useful resources for organization



Generating Graphic Organizers


Graphic organizers for reading comprehension


Graphic organizers for classroom reading and writing


Excellent print outs of graphic organizers


An amazing assortment of graphic organizers and other mapping ideas by enchanted learning


Graphic Organizers


Keep a journal of your plans.  Add tasks and deadlines.  Keep a record of your checklists. Give yourself positive encouragement. Add a heart or a star next to the completed task.

Graphic organizers for visual and spacial  learners.


Argument Mapping

Argument mapping is producing "boxes and arrows" diagrams of reasoning, especially complex arguments and debates. Argument mapping improves our ability to articulate, comprehend and communicate reasoning, thereby promoting critical thinking.


Sorts your ideas in an organized way. Here is a step by step guideline you can follow.  It is called the Think Tank.


Researching for material on a project or research paper. It is important to find all you can on your topic before you start writing your paper. Online libraries are an excellent for this.


Concept Mapping and Mind Tools


Mind tools and mind maps can help you take notes, write, and learn.

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