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These are my banners. The blue one appears on the top of each of my pages. It acts as a back button. Click on it to get back to my home page. Just below my logo you will find the following: Home Page, Site Map, and Table of Contents.These will lead  you to the main pages of my site.



The home page is an introductory page for students. The table of contents has further information for students.


The Site Map is an introductory page for teachers. The table of contents has further information for teachers. Here you will find everything you need to get around the site. Tips and other messages will appear on this page.


The Table of Contents has 6 categories:  Introduction, Students, Tasks, Process, Resources, Evaluation, Teachers, and Webmasters. Most of the categories deal with the projects while others are specifically for Teachers, Students or Webmasters. Find the category that pertains to you but keep in mind that some of the other categories may be also be helpful. I suggest going into each of them in order to familiarize yourself with what the site has to offer. Some of the links on my pages are my own and some are not. My own  have my URL address on them while the external links don't. The logos and banners of other people's sites are a representation of their site. Most of them have very beautiful illustrations and colorful lettering. I have many such banners on my pages.  I used them as reference links. Click on the banners to get to that particular site.


If you have any questions about how to navigate my site write me




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