Nellies English Projects is an educational website for students and teachers whose aim is to motivate students for lifelong learning. It provides resources for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom by means of project based and experiential learning using WebQuests. The site provides many educational resources, articles,lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, reading practice and collaborative writing ideas.

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About the Projects

Nellie's English Projects is about group work and collaborative writing.  The project group work is done in class with the teacher's supervision.  The following guidelines and tips will help you with your projects. If you need support and further information, please use the form below to contact your teacher.


Choose a  topic. Your teacher may choose one for you. Make sure you know exactly what you want to find out about the topic.

Choose your team mates. Find out who they are and how you can best work well together. Your teacher may decide to choose your group for you.

Follow the General Instructions very carefully. Make sure you and your fellow group members understand them well.

Your teacher may decide to use other instructions. Follow them carefully.

You can choose your topic by going into Nellie's English Projects Table of Contents. The topics appear as WebQuests under the Task category. You may wish to join other projects.

Choose a role for each member of the group.

Choose a name for your group.


You will be working in teams. Get to know the members of your team so that you can work well together.

Record every thing your team does and add it to your work file. You must have date  every page added to your work file.

Your work file must be handed back to the teacher at the end of each session.

Your success depends on collaboration. Find ways of being efficient and managing your time well.

Organization is very important.


Your feelings should be recorded in your work file so that you will have them handy   for you do your reflection page.

Participating in the project is a learning experience.
Be ready to express you ideas on how to do future projects.

Making mistakes is part of this experience. You will improve your performance with each project if you learn from your mistakes.

Add your reflections at the end of the project.

Your comments and feedback are important to your success with the project.



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