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Needs Assessment Surveys



Sometimes schools don't know what teachers and students know and what they don't. The following needs assessment instrument will determine the technology needs of the school. The results will help the technology committee develop a technology plan to improve students' learning and raise the academic standards of the school.

Please choose one answer for each of the following questions.

Reflective Questions: Yes/ No/Undecided


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Do you know what a technology plan is?


Does your school have a technology plan?

Should a school have a technology plan?

Should a plan address instruction, assessment, classroom management, professional development, parental involvement, and school management?

Should planners set priorities, follow a timeline, and continue to evaluate progress?

There is a technology coordinator in my school.

Technology teachers support teachers who come into the computer room.

The school will provide ongoing training and support to help teachers feel comfortable with newly learned tasks.

Enthusiastic computer literate teachers who already feel comfortable in the computer room will serve as mentors and leaders for other teachers who do not. 

Teachers should be encouraged to use the computer rooms.

Not all teachers receive technology training.

All teachers should receive training.

All technology training courses will be during school hours.

Technology training will be after school hours with incentives.

All regular classroom teachers will become familiar with computers and other equipment in order to be able to integrate technology into all their lesson plans.

Teachers with some training shy away from the computer room for fear of failure.

Teachers should receive constant support and encouragement to try things out.

Mentors should be assigned to each team of teachers for ongoing support.

Teachers and students do not have access to a computer on a daily basis.

Every student and teacher should have access to a computer on a daily basis.

Scheduling in the computer room is not organized. Teachers aren't going on a regular basis. At times the room is empty while at others there is a traffic jam.

There should be a well-equipped computer room, capable of accommodating all students in each class on a regularly scheduled basis.

Parents need to join the technology planning committee.



Never used it




Limited knowledge



Advanced: Feel comfortable






Cutting, copying, and pasting text

Saving, copying, and deleting files

Using word processing programs like MS Word

Sending/receiving an e-mail

Using Internet search engines

Using a grade/attendance software

Using a Desktop Publisher

Using an Internet instant messenger

Editing digital photos

Creating folders for files

Uploading digital video to a computer

Opening & reading e-mail attachments

Copying files to disks (floppy, CD, or ZIP)

Reading a file using Acrobat Reader

Checking  files for viruses

Sending email with attachments

Creating a PowerPoint presentations

Uploading digital photos to a computer

Using a spreadsheets like Excel or Lotus

Using a database like Access

Creating a Web Page

Using FrontPage or other authoring programs

Using a scanner

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