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Integrating Physical and Relaxation Exercises in the Classroom



The following resources are my collection of physical and relaxation exercises for the classroom. I believe that the mind and the body work perfectly in the learning process. Physical and relaxation exercises should be integrated into every lesson. It helps  students learn and is great for our health. I am sure you will find some of the sources more challenging than others.  Try them out to see what suits you and your class. Try my lesson plan and WebQuest on Nutrition and Health



These lists were compiled by Charlie O'Sullivan from PrimarySchool They were sent in a monthly newsletter on February 2005. I highly recommend joining PrimarySchool newsletter:
You will receive great ideas for classroom activities.

Online Library of Pilates Exercises
Pilates exercises build core strength and require little or no equipment and space.

Yoga Basics: Yoga Posture Index
Collection of images demonstrating basic Yoga positions.

ABC of Yoga
Although these Asanas may just seem to be merely physical exercises, you will later realize that it is more than exercising your body.


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