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Meaningful and Supportive Learning



Everyone can learn anything as long as it is meaningful. Learning can be made meaningful. Support and encouraging words will make any learning a challenging and creative experience. The freedom of choice is of all importance but the choice of words is a freedom we can all share. Our kind words can contribute in making learning meaningful.



Join the Meaningful Yahoo Newsgroup to discuss how to make learning meaningful for your students.


Educational Community Work


Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet

Here are three teachers' practical suggestions and tips to help you and your students as they connect to their peers in projects across the globe.


List of Projects schools can join.  Join Learning Circles for project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world.


Project Time and Meaningful Learning


Cell Biology Education and Meaningful Learning

The Promise of New Ideas and New Technology for Improving Teaching and Learning
Joseph D. Novak


Articles on Meaningful Learning


An excellent step by step teacher's guide to the 3 phases

of an in-depth study of a topic.

The Project Approach, as practiced in early childhood, elementary, and middle level education, is an in-depth study of a topic undertaken by a class, a group of children, or an individual child.


Energize Meaningful Learning Through Projects

By Joyce Melton Pagיs, Ed.D.
Mother of two children, President of KidBibs


Meaningful Learning: Articles

An interesting article on the importance of Meaningful Learning.


Concept Mapping : A Meaningful Learning Model by

Jack Hassard, Georgia State University


 A Meaningful Learning Model

In David Ausubel's view, to learn meaningfully, students must relate new knowledge  to what they already know. He proposes organizers to help students  with the new material.


Integrating the Internet

Chapter summaries of the book. The Information provided is very thorough and informative.


A newsletter of the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning(CDTL)

Creating a Meaningful Learning Environment Using ICT

Dr Madhumita Bhattacharya
This article explains what meaningful learning is and describes the process by going through a three-step cycle while recording it in the form of digital portfolios.


Cognitive theories of learning: Charles Stuart University


ESL Classroom Projects: Steps to Meaningful Learning

by Lori Northrop, ESL Instructor
Cleburne, Texas


The Components of Meaningful Learning: by Joseph Zisk




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