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Lesson Plans that integrate technology




Assure Lesson Plan on a WebQuest based on The Giver (Nellie Deutsch)


Lesson plans that integrate technology and the ESL/EFL classrooms (Nellie Deutsch)


NTeQ Lesson Plans on Nutrition and Health: The Rationale for the 5 lesson plans on promoting health and nutrition in school (Nellie Deutsch)


Integrating technology in ESL/EFL: A lesson plan that allows students to mark their own quizz using Excel Spreadsheet (Nellie Deutsch)


The ASSURE Model: Tennessee Technological University A.S.S.U.R.E. Model Lesson Plan


A lesson plan on The Last Spin by Evan Hunter in the form of a WebQuest

by Nellie Deutsch

Here is The Last Spin lesson plan using the NTeQ Model and a printed version of the same lesson


Teacher resources for integrating technology


Lessons plans that integrate technology: WebQuests and NTeQ components


Digital Literacy provides many ideas on how to plan lessons using technology

Lesson plan and template for Backward Design: http://digitalliteracy.mwg.org/documents/lesson_plan.pdf



A Track is a composite work based on other people's original online creations.


UEN provides instant access to standards-based lesson plans, award-winning online tools and professional development resources. Thousands of teachers, students and citizens throughout the state and beyond benefit from this non-profit effort. See for yourself how this nationally-recognized resource can help you.


Life Skills Lesson Plan

Values help give us direction and help us set goals for the future. We develop our values from those around us and from our experiences.


Technology Tutorials found on the Web


Project Proposal Overview and Criteria


How can you use a computer in class work that expands the function from the computer from a tool for word processing to a resource, a communication tool, and a notetaker as well?


Computers in Action

The Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages website is for teachers who are interested in integrating technology into the ESL/EFL classroom. Its goal is to promote the use of technology in the field, thereby bringing more equitable access to the knowledge, skills, and technology necessary to the people we teach. We are advocating a computer-mediated approach that includes, but is not limited



Curriculum Using Technology


TeachNet seeks to improve ESL student learning by helping teachers integrate web-based lessons into their instructional practice. Teachers have access to curriculum and technical specialists, grants, and a supportive network to further develop their skills.  


Unit and Project Plans


Great lesson plans combined with technology

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