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Classroom Management with Technology

(a final project for an MAEDCT program on Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching at the University of Phoenix)


Welcome to LTC. It is our mission to ensure that teachers receive the best professional training.  LTC invites you to join  CMT Summer 2004 Workshop.

LTC is at the forefront of training educators in the design and delivery of classroom management with technology. Call the registrar at 520.465.8770 ext 311 to register for the workshop.



MONDAY- FRIDAY | 8.30 AM -12.30 PM

August 23-27, 2004
Hilton Garden Inn Elmira
35 Arnot Road
Horseheads, NY  U.S.A.


           Classroom Management with Technology  is a five-day hands-on workshop for classroom teachers interested in learning the basics of integrating technology into the classroom and managing students in the computer room. This workshop is perfect for both experienced and new teachers interested in developing their management skills in the computer room . The training is designed to meet state, district, school and core subject standards and performance indicators. Teachers will learn new techniques and explore new ideas for their curriculum.

Absolutely no previous technology experience is necessary for this class.

This workshop includes:

  • hands-on art activities with a wide variety of visual media

  • developing skills to be able to teach any subject matter with technology and manage the classroom.

  • learning how to use standards and performance indicators for core curriculum

The workshop teacher training course is presented by Dr Eric Kizis, Professor Damian Saks and Nellie Deutsch, M.A. Education Director of LTC.

Space is limited | Reserve now | Deadline is August 11, 2004

  • Registration can be completed in person, via mail, telephone or fax

  • Cost: Free

  • Project Approach work is based on on of both the teacher and the student as researchers who co-construct knowledge.

In this interactive and "hands-on" workshop teachers recreate the actual steps their students will go through in project work. Participants are guided through the three phases of project work: choosing and researching a topic, documentation/ reflection and group presentations (Deutsch, 2003). As this happens participants

  • Learn how to integrate technology authentically into the academic curriculum.

  • Address how multiple points of view deepen learning.

  • View slides of the presenter's study tour

  • See examples and hear from teachers who have successfully implemented projects in their classrooms.

  • Have an opportunity to work both independently and in teams with colleagues.

"The Project Approach refers to a set of teaching strategies which enable teachers to guide children through in-depth studies of real world topics" (Chard, 2001). This approach is appropriate for a spectrum of educators, administrators and artists who are working with students at varying developmental stages and ages.

This workshop is offered as a class for individual participants from various schools and is also available for whole staff development, addressing the school's specific concerns.

LTC is a leader in a network of classroom management with technology, collaboratives, resources, and vibrant dialogues about integrating technology in education and equitable learning. We work closely with your school and community to develop customized professional development and community engagement events that support your work.

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Software Reviews

These are highly recommended instructional software to use in the classroom to enhance student learning. They can be used as drill and practice, tutorials, problem solving, instructional games or as simulations.

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