LTC Chart for Part I:

Introduction to Classroom Management with Technology Workshop




What methods will be used?

Teachers will follow the same project approach that they develop for their students. Team work!

What will the schedule be like?

The workshop will take place during the summer vacation.

Schedule: 4 hours in the morning from 8.30 to 12.30, Monday to Friday (August 23-27, 2004).

How long is the workshop?

The training will last 5 days. The workshop will be in the morning.

Will there be entertainment and fun?

The training will be conducted at an exclusive hotel in New York. Teachers will combine a holiday and training. All expenses will be paid by LTC except for traveling expenses. Each teacher will be provided with a lap top with software included. There will be Internet access. The training will be conducted in one of the hotels conference rooms. Evening entertainment at the bar and afternoon work room, sauna, jacuzi and spa, massage and other delights will be provided for all participants.

Who are the facilitators/presenters?

There will be a mentor for every 2 or 3 teachers. There will be 2 facilitators for a group of 20 teachers and 5 presenters: one for each day.

How many participants will there be?

There will be 20 participants. They will be divided into teams of 5, 4 members on each team

What instructional strategies and delivery methods will be used?

LCD and PowerPoint will be used to present the delivery and instruction methods. Online software and web sites will be used.

Teachers will work in teams of 4 to create:

1. Models of Classroom Management

2. Needs Assessment survey to be sent by e-mails and placed on school and school district web sites.

3. Use a WebQuest ( (See web sites and standards chart) and present their work on LCD for others to see. This will be done using PowerPoint.

4. Evaluation/Feedback Assessment at the end of the training questionnaire (online)

What are some of the classroom management resources?

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Chard, S. (2001). The project approach. Retrieved July 22, 2004, from

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Why is there an evaluation at the end?

The feedback questionnaire will be used as a learning tool on how to improve the next workshop. It will be carefully reviewed and studied for future planning..