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Learning English Online is an opportunity to learn English at the comfort of your home or office. The courses are suitable for students who wish to improve their English skills and for teachers who wish to continue learning.

Teachers are life long learners.  As an experienced teacher, I am aware of the importance of professional development. I invite ESL/EFL and other mainstream teachers to join LEO to improve their performance. Teachers will learn how to integrate technology and enhance student involvement in the learning process.

My name is Nellie Deutsch and I am an experienced English as a second and foreign language teacher. If you wish to learn English online by email or MOODLE online distance learning environment. If you are a teacher and wish to learn how to integrate technology into your lessons please send me an e-mail asking to register for the WebQuest class.

I have had very positive online learning experiences as an MA (Education, Curriculum, and Technology) and currently as a doctoral student of Education Leadership, specializing in curriculum and instruction. I believe online communication is very effective in enhancing personal and professional development.

Nellie's English lessons are conducted via MOODLE through online discussion forums, reading and writing activities, quizzes, emails, live online chats, or by voice conversations and speaking practice on WiZiQ, Skype or Instant Messaging. You can choose the number of email exchanges you wish. Online communication is an effective way of providing an ongoing supportive system by means of a written dialogue between you and your teacher. You can share your concerns, ask questions, and organize your thoughts and feelings by means of online writing. Check out our blog for video recordings of events at WiZiQ.

However, if you do not want a teacher to guide you, you may receive free online material and advice on how to improve your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills at Learning English Online (LEO).


Online learning has many advantages. One major benefit is that it provides an excellent alternative to many of us who have busy lifestyles and find it difficult to schedule and keep appointments. Another advantage is that online learning has unlimited opportunities for an open and effective channel of communication. A person can express his or her feelings openly without the limitations posed by seeing and reading into the teacher's body language or facial expressions.

For further information register for an online writing course on how to improve your writing and reading.

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