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Examples of Learning Objects



People of all ages enjoy playing games. That is why companies have developed online games. Educators are realizing the value of online games and learning.  They have begun to implement and document many games for online learning. The name given to these are Learning Objects. Learning objects are game-like activities that enhance learning by making it a fun activity.



A lesson plan for an ESL/EFL learning object called the Burger Writer and a student feedback survey

Here are some learning object games. If you would like to add others, please write me.

Drag and Drill for ESL

Starship English



The art of crime detection

Educational Web Adventures

Polar Husky

Learn English


Most of the earning objects have sound and animation.

The learning objects require the following browser plug-ins:

1. SVG Adobe SVG Viewer Plug-in

2. PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader 5

3. Flash MX Macromedia Flash Player 6

4. Shockwave Macromedia Shockwave Player 8.5

5. Java applets Java for Windows

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