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Listening Practice




Listening is a skill that needs lots of practice not only for the ESL/EFL learner but for all learners as well. Here are some listening activities I found useful for my ESL/EFL classes.


Diana's Place is filled with useful teacher and student resources. It was created for educational, entertainment and evaluation. The exercises were created with Hot Potatoes. This quiz page has some excellent poems and stories for listening comprehension exercises that are more than drill and practice. I am sure you will enjoy the background music and the well chosen content that echoes Dyana's motto that learning can be fun.


Listening to National Geographic reports


ESL listening resources


Takako's Great Adventure Episode ONE great adventure: Audio with exercises


Stories and exercises


WGBH Educational Foundation.  What I did for love:


Movie trailers and quizzes


Tsunami listening and exercise


Audio, Video and multimedia material for teachers and students


College level audio and video e-learning with a directory of topics


Video and lesson plans on demand


Useful sites: classified & annotated links for ESL / EFL teachers and students

Listening: Video on-line Interactive English Exercises: MOVIE TRAILERS and EFL / ESL Video Listening Exercises
Created with WebRhubarb

Interactive Exercises for TV commercials


Listen to an interview by Dr. Leif H. Smith on 3 Keys to Being a Fearless Executive


Practice listening: Fill in an exercise while listening and have your answers checked

More listening: The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire presented by Science at NASA


Listen and watch: A fill in exercise


Banking: Listen to how to prepare for a brighter future


Listening is a skill that needs development: Etiquette of the Classroom. Listen and follow the reading of a fascinating lecture on what it takes to succeed in the classroom. Don't forget to take the quiz at the end of the session.




Listen to the radio and learn about interesting topics in English. You may also download the text of each of the items you hear so that you can also improve your reading skills.


Randal's ESL Cyber Listening Laboratory


Living English is for the English language learner at a beginner, or near beginner level. It is especially for people who wish to learn or revise their basic English skills.

English Bites is a television presentation and web site designed to help improve your English language skills. Every weekday we show a story and then help you understand the language that has been used in it.


Listening activities on John's ESL Community English Interactive Website. John has gathered some excellent listening recordings and quizzes. I highly recommend these activities.


Listening Comprehension


Practice Real English interactive Video On-Line, US Version Free online authentic "live" dialogues based on grammatical points. Great for beginners and others who want to improve their listening skills as they watch the videos. It's just like watching TV but with reading and written drills that follow. Great for adult ESL/EFL learners.


There’s nothing like closing your eyes and having someone read you a story. These stories are read by their young authors.


Great listening lab for ESL learners.  Listen to authentic English interviews and do quizzes based on your listening. You also get a chance to read along as you listen.


A 10 minute listening Activity about the history of the United States of America.  You can hear and see at the same time. Find out what it's like to learn in an English speaking country. Try out this virtual lesson and see how you like it.


The Listening Booth includes audio clips of poems featured in our Poetry Exhibits and samples from the Academy's Poetry Audio Archive.

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Listening Practice


This site features a collection of audio recordings exclusive to The Cortland Review. The bulk of the audio appears in TCR Issues, where poets and writers read their own work.

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