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Differentiated Instruction With Technology




Society has become very diverse in its interaction with multicultural people. The classroom is no different. "Today’s classrooms mirror the diversity of the community". Educators and teachers understand the need to set their goals to meet the needs of all learners.



What is differentiated instruction?

"Differentiated Instruction is based on the following beliefs: Students differ in their learning profiles Classrooms in which students are active learners, decision makers and problem solvers are more natural and effective than those in which students are served a "one-size-fits-all" curriculum and treated as passive recipients of information "Covering information" takes a backseat to making meaning out of important ideas. The key to a differentiated classroom is that all students are regularly offered CHOICES and students are matched with tasks compatible with their individual learner profiles" (Sacramento City United School District).


Differentiating Instruction: Carol Ann Tomlinson Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy The Curry School of Education, University of Virginia From an interview with Leslie J. Kiernan, 1996

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