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Cybercrime and Cyber Ethics




Cybercrime and Cyber Ethics: "The Cybercitizen Awareness Program educates children and young adults on the danger and consequences of cyber crime. By reaching out to parents and teachers, the program is designed to establish a broad sense of responsibility and community in an effort to develop smart, ethical and socially conscious online behavior in young people".


Are you a good cybercitizen?

"It's important to be a good citizen wherever you may find yourself, by following the rules of that place. The Internet is a "place" with its own very special rules. People who communicate over the Internet are called "cybercitizens." It's important to learn the rules of the Internet before you log on, so that you can be a "good cybercitizen." Each of the following stories describes a situation that you might find yourself in while "surfing" the Internet. What would you do in each of these situations? Click on one of the “GO!” links to choose what you might do, and what might happen as a result of your choice".

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