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Computer Technology Tutorials for Teachers




Learning HTML from the University of Toronto by Introduction to HTML by Ian Graham


Useful online tutorials for most MS Office applications


Technology in the classroom


Professional Development Centre OnlineCopyright 2001 Scott Vigallon, Las Positas College


Technology Tutorials for Teachers: Created by Annette Lamb, 8/00. Updated 8/01.


This site is designed to help teachers in their quest for learning how to use technology effectively in their classrooms. It has step by step tutorials on how to use MS word, PowerPoint, FrontPage and more by Cathleen Chamberlain.

Electric  teacher


Free web based Internet courses


Word 2000 Tutorials


TEAMS Distance Learning brings exemplary learning opportunities to K-8 students, teachers, and parents across the United States through nationally televised satellite broadcasts and the Internet. Learners use instructional technologies to access a combination of the best features of time-dependent (synchronous) video-based instruction along with time-independent (asynchronous) computer access to multimedia and the Internet. TEAMS Distance Learning is one component of the ET&T (LACOE Telecommunications and Technology) division, a service of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). Funded in part by Star Schools legislation through the U.S. Department of Education.


Creating a class PowerPoint Presentation


Spreadsheet tutorial in Excel


Online computer reference site with a great glosssry.  Help topics include:

Windows System Tips
Microsoft Office Tips
Internet Tips


Be a hip and happening teacher. Join our zippy, online tutorial and find out how IE4 makes learning fast, FUN and effective!


This tutorial ultimately directs you to the browser's help menu for specific directions. 


Please 'click' around and enjoy our free software tutorials and high-quality online courses.


        Technology Tutorials found on the Web:

        Tutorials written by Internet4Classrooms



        Internet Basics: Easy to follow explanations of some basic words.



           Learn how to build web pages with these easy to follow tutorials.



         Experiments in Web Programming by Mike Hall



         Learn how to Plan, Design, Build and Grow your web site.

         E-Fuse is a site where you can learn how to build a better website.



         Click here for complete easy to follow instructions on how to use the internet.



         Learn about the following:



        Basic internet tutorials.



Searching on the Net with Berkley University Search Engine Tutorials. How do I use search engines to find what I need?


Download the Teaching and Learning Resources
Use Microsoft FrontPage


Flash Introduction and tutorials





PowerPoint tutorial

PPT Office

Office 2000 turorials

PowerPoint Tutorial

Slides for tips and how to use your PowerPoint effectively


A wonderful way to learn how to use FrontPage by asking others  to help you as you practice. Click on the image to enter the forum. The moderators will help you solve your FrontPage problems.


A wonderful way to learn how to use FrontPage by asking others to help you solve FrontPage problems as you practice. Click on the image to enter the forum.                                                                                        

Learn how to build, improve and promote a website. Free website tools for webmasters. Free website templates, HTML scripts, javascripts, css tutorials, paint shop pro tubes.


Frontpage Express Tutorial
Inserting Background
Inserting Image Inserting Text


FrontPage Express Tutorial

This tutorial is a very basic overview of FrontPage Express. FrontPage Express is a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Editor. With it, you can create and post personal or departmental web pages on the Internet. This purpose of this tutorial is to help you learn how to use FrontPage Express and, with additional tutorials, create a website. This is by no means a comprehensive tutorial. However, we will provide you with enough information to create informational and attractive web pages.


Translate words into any language with Babylon an online dictionary.

Free Translations



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