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Classroom Management with Technology WebQuest






Today's classroom are not what they used to be. Students are not the same. Teachers have expressed "fear" and lack of confidence in today's classrooms. They do not fear computers as such. They fear integrating computers in their teaching because they feel the students would be ahead of them. They are afraid of making mistakes. Many teachers do not feel in control of their classrooms in the computer room. The answer to this critical issue is classroom management training and ongoing support.

"To hold students' attention, teachers need to plan carefully and make sure that the technologies they employ actually enrich the lesson; attempts to "electrify" old lesson plans by means of token technology use are less likely to succeed."


Jefferson County Schools

"Many factors contribute to successful classroom management.  Teachers who are successful do not only respond properly when problems occur, but prevent the problem before it arises. These teachers are proactive instead of reactive." 

Classroom Management Tools


Classroom Management Strategies May 2002 Conducted By: Maria David* and Susan Zaccaro


Classroom and Instructional Management


Project Management Guide


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