Lesson Plan on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry

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The Perfect Society !

Analyze Learners | State Objectives | Select Methods, Media, and Materials | Utilize Media and Materials

Require Learner Participation | Evaluate and Revise

The ASSURE model is an instructional guide for planning and conducting lessons that integrate media and technology while focusing on the learner's needs. It is based on six classroom procedures that Analyze Learners, State Objectives, Select Methods, Media, and Materials, Utilize Media and Materials, Require Learner Participation, and Evaluate and Revise. Millie Alvarez, Nellie Deutsch, & Cindi Mendoza created an instructional unit based on the ASSURE model for a WebQuest on The Giver (created by Nellie Deutsch). The assignment was part of a Masters program at the University of Phoenix on Designing and Producing Educational Technology. The authors wish to thank their instructor Loy Dakwa for sharing her knowledge and expertise in educational technology.

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Updated September 1, 2007