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Articles on Reading




Reading can provide pleasure. Please share any of the articles on reading you enjoyed.



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Handbook of Reading Research: Volume III
Articles in the Summary Series in Reading Online


Comprehension Instruction: What Makes Sense Now, What Might Make Sense Soon

Michael Pressley


"Efficient reading involves both speed and comprehension. Most readers sacrifice one for the other. They reason incorrectly that one must read quickly without retaining information or slowly in order to retain the information. This is false reasoning. Slow reading is inefficient. Fast reading is efficient" (Kluepfel, n.d).

Reference                                                                                                                    Kluepfel, G. (n.d). Being a flexible reader. Retrieved May 11, 2004, from http://www.harvardwestlake.com/students/studyskills/chapter4.html

Efficient Reading
Reading Speed & Comprehension
Tips for Reading Difficult Material
Taking Notes from a Textbook
Marking & Underlining in a Textbook


Reading Comprehension


Our goal at The Reading Matrix is to offer a dynamic and innovative online forum for the exploration and discussion of the study and teaching of reading in both traditional academic and hypertextual environments like the World-Wide Web. The Reading Matrix is a site consisting of computer mediated and online materials designed specifically to meet the language needs of the ESL/international student population as well as English-speaking students enrolled in colleges and universities


The Grammar of Expository Texts


Reading Skills


How  to answer questions


Reading comprehension articles


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Critical Reading in the Liberal-Humanist Tradition


Reading Quest


Extensive Reading

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Reading Online:  The Electronic Classroom has excellent articles on literacy.


Many very useful resources on how to do a research paper by Brown University Writing Centre.

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